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Orcs Must Die! is a defensive action-strategy game coming out for XBLA and PC later this summer, and you can get your murderous hands on it if you're hitting Comic-Con this weekend. Kill wave after wave of orcs with fire, steel, explosions, steam and more in the Xbox Lounge at the Hard Rock Hotel July 23-24.

If you really enjoy seeing orcs getting ripped to shreds, you can get a free copy of the prequel comic at The Con or you can download the free digital version later this summer (coinciding with the game's release, I'm assuming).

So if you're a lucky SDCC-goer, get your strategic kill on.

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As an avid member of the Horde, I am deeply offended! As a member of People Who Likes Ripping Things to Shreds, I am deeply intrigued though.

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