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It seemed like just yesterday that the Game Geex were frantically running between appointments casually strolling between game developer booths at E3, but now we're turning our attention to San Diego, where in just a few short weeks all the geex worldwide will be converging to celebrate their geekitude.  Today SDCC announced the Wednesday and Thursday panel schedules, and I'm happy to report they are overflowing with gaming goodness.  Gears of War 3, Journey, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, City of Heroes, Deus Ex Human Evolution, Dragon Age II, World of Warcraft, Street Fighter X Tekken,  Resistance 3, Batman Arkham City, and Star Wars: The Old Republic will all be having panels.  And that's just one day!  It will be interesting to see what else unfolds as the announcements continue to roll in.

Game Geex is already filling their calendar with gaming delights to see while we're down at SDCC.  We'll be sure to keep you updated with the latest news from the con so that you have all the info you could desire.  Looking for something specific you want us to cover?  Drop a note in the comments and we'll see what we can do.

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[Mysterious_X] @ 3:22:32 PM Jul 7, 2011
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Dragon Age II, huh? I have a feeling BioWare's still playing a game of repentence with their hardcore demo with this upcoming DLC. 


[Mandifesto] @ 4:54:05 PM Jul 7, 2011
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The DA2 panel will actually spend most of its time dealing with Redemption, the web series, since it's a panel hosted by geek goddess Felicia Day

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Kiss Felicia Day for me while you're there. Use tongue.

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I know it's not exactly gaming, but could you shed a bit of the goss about the Mass Effect movie?

I just saw Transformers 3, and half the time I kept on thinking about Mass Effect, and how cool it would be if it were a movie... I hope I wasn't the only one. LOLOL

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