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Yesterday while I was still recouperating from SDCC Bioware released the trailer they showed off at their Comic-Con TOR panel this week.  While I didn't get to attend the panel myself, I did get some hands on with the game in a session where they pitted the press against each other in their PvP War Zone.  I healed for the Empire, and I am pleased to say we trounced the Republic 3 to 0.  It was probably my epic use of my one healing spell.  Or maybe it was just that we figured out how to play our characters faster.  Either way I had fun, and look forward to the next time I get to play the game.

The trailer, as you'll see, focuses on the voices and personality of each of the playable classes in the game.  I'm surprised they haven't played up this element more, considering character VO is really what sets them apart from other games -- aside from the IP mind you.  The video definitely makes you want to dive in and play the game for yourself, which we will get to do "sometime" this year.  



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[IrishGamingNerd] @ 1:12:08 PM Jul 26, 2011
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I am very excited for this game. I loved the original KOTOR games, and this looks superb. The voice acting is top notch, and the story/quest system sounds like it will top anything we have out now. With preorders started, it must be just a few short months away.

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