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According to Co-Optimus, good ol' Double Dragon 2: The Revenge is getting revamped for XBLA by Barunson Interactive, best known for their Dragonica series. Disturbingly, the American version features little girls with huge underboob (wth?).

Anyways !  Double Dragon 2: Wander of the Dragons has the same story you don't remember; our dragons Billy and Jimmy Lee unleash spin kick after spin kick (and more spin kicks) to avenge the death of Billy's girlfriend, Marian.

It's a pretty intense re-imagining remake. Most all the levels and bosses are there, but now it's in 3D and everything looks completely different. That may anger the diehards, but I'll reserve my judgment until I get my hands on it.

I won't reserve judgment on the title, though. The dragons have wander? Are they kinda-sorta into this avenging death thing? Maybe they have a lackadaisical approach? Or are they bored kicking all this ass because they've done it for 24 years now? Come on Jimmy and Billy, you've gotta focus. You're up.

Check out the video below (complete with strange transitions and devoid of underboob) for a sneak peak. The dragons spin their kicks in late September. Grab it for 1200 Microsoft Points.



[via Co-Optimus]

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