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We’ve known about Parasoul in upcoming game Skullgirls for a while now, but haven’t really seen too much of her regarding actual gameplay. That changes today, as we finally get a good view of how she’ll work when the game is (eventually) released, including obligatory panty shots.

Parasoul, much like Peacock, utilizes assists to bolster her offense. In this case, it’s in the form of her personal police squadron. These soldiers are more than willing to throw their lives on the line to protect their princess, even acting as human shields to protect her. Where Peacock’s minions are largely for zoning, Parasoul’s offer more utility in their purpose. And for you Darkstalkers fans out there, her level three super highly resembles B.B. Hood’s own special attack.

Catch a glimpse of Parasoul after the jump. Just don’t stare too hard, or her soldiers might make you regret it.



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