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A new trailer has been released today giving a look at one of the newer characters revealed (and the one I’ll more than likely be playing as come the game’s release) in Skullgirls, Peacock. Created out of her love for older cartoons, Peacock’s various attacks are unique in that they’re full of references to these cartoons, as well as various video game references. Watch her utilize portable holes, bombs, pies, and even Sol Badguy’s sword in her repertoire of pain in the trailer below (which would also give you a chance to check out our snazzy new youtube channel).



As a bonus, G4 also put up an interview they had with the man behind the game himself, Mike Z. The pro gamer goes over the various aspects that sets Skullgirls apart from other titles, and even gives a quick look at Parasoul, a yet-to-be-announced character.



My excitement levels for this game are through the roof right now!

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[Mandifesto] @ 2:49:53 PM Jun 23, 2011
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Parasoul was super fun to play when I got a chance to try her out at the Konami event.  I think she just might be my favorite, with all the pies and the guns and everything.

[Sir Loin of Beef] @ 4:53:44 PM Jun 23, 2011
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Peacock is the one with the pies and guns. Parasoul is the one that's yet to be fully revealed. =p

[Mandifesto] @ 2:53:44 AM Jun 23, 2011
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Well I sit corrected :)

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