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The Playstation Blog posted an interesting overview of upcoming fighter Skullgirls, courtesy of Reverge Labs’ own Peter Bartholow. While it’s mostly a recap of most everything we already know about the game, there is one new piece of info: the announcement of the fifth character on the roster, Ms. Fortune.

Quoting from the blog, “Her name is Ms. Fortune, and she’s a cat burglar with a penchant for puns. While stealing a powerful life-giving artifact, the Mafia captured her, cut her up and left her for dead on the bottom of the ocean… but the artifact kept her alive through the ordeal, so now she can now detach her head, separate her limbs and generally dismember herself to perform a variety of amusing and grotesque feats of combat.”

Great, now I’m torn between maining a psychotic freak with a JoJo’s reference and a cat girl that can use her own body parts to attack. Though I am looking forward to utilizing a flood of silly puns to get a-head of the competition.

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