You know, I have to admit I’m not the biggest fighting game fan ever. But I have always loved Super Smash Bros. and probably will forever. But what happens when you take that exact same goofy, yet effective, concept Smash Bros. has shared with the world, and add Playstation characters, classic and new, to it? GEEENNNIUUUSSS!!!!

SuperBot Entertainment's upcoming fighting game title, Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale, does just that. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to pit Kratos against PaRappa the Rapper in a fight to the death in an arena made in the Jak and Daxter universe? Well now you can! The game itself looks spectacular and the graphics and particles are just awesome.

I can’t wait for this game and you know I’ll be paying attention to all the juicy details that are soon to come! The game is scheduled to hit the PS3 sometime this year. Stay tuned for more! Check out the goofy yet rather satisfying trailer after the jumper.


[Trailer by sceablog]

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[Mandifesto] @ 9:31:57 AM Apr 27, 2012
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This sounds like a lot of fun, but the difference between this and SSB is the fact that PS3 has a much smaller user base.  I'm not sure I know anyone that can play this with me other than Arturis.  Still, I will totally own as Sackboy.

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I see Nariko from Heavenly Sword in the background of the logo - that makes me a very happy camper. Heavenly Sword is one of the most under appreciated Playstation games, ever. People wrote it off as a God of War clone, where as I feel its so much better than that.

Except the crossbow sequences. They were painful.

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Interesting, I will have to sideline this since my PS3 is long gone into the reclamation in the sky. 

[fraggadier] @ 3:58:31 AM Apr 28, 2012
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Captain Falcon, why you no there?

[fraggadier] @ 1:58:31 PM Apr 27, 2012
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Also, I see it doesn't have that sumo wrestling thing that SSB has. More towards the fighting part with the health bars and blocking what not.

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