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Santa Monica Studios has just announced information about God of War: Ascension that I am personally excited for. What do you do when you beat God of War? You constantly replay the story and Challenge of the Gods until your heart explodes. I have had to replace my heart a countless number of times. They are adding multiplayer consisting of an online and offline mode. If you didn’t read that last sentence correctly, the single-player, action-adventure you know and love is going to have a versus mode. The offline mode is for those of you forgotten souls without internet.


The game play for the versus mode will feature the same fighting style as the single player. The online mode includes up to eight players, four on each team, where you bath in blood and glory in variety of game modes. At first I thought everyone was going to play as Kratos, but it has customizable avatar warriors with weapons, armor, and more yet to come. The multiplayer is basically gladiator fights with brutal executions and scenery. The only game mode we know is Domination where the objective is to capture a point in the map and brutally kill a Cyclops.

God of War” and “Multiplayer” in the same sentence doesn’t seem to make sense to me. But I have high hopes for this new add on, because adding a multiplayer mode to a single player franchise is a great way to experiment with the genre. It gives you more options and if you dislike the multiplayer you can treat it like the original God of Wars by playing the game repeatedly. But knowing Santa Monica studios, I have no doubt that my mind will be blown; because of the fact that all the other games were absolutely stunning. Even Todd Papy, the Game Director said: "The bar has been set quite high for this franchise as each God of War title succeeds in being better than the last.”

Santa Monica studios strides to make this game visually realistic for your game play experience. God of War: Ascension will be one Playstation 3 game I will be looking forward to. Unfortunately a release date has not been announced so keep your eyes and ears pealed.


[Video Via Games Radar]

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