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Mike Z, the man behind upcoming fighter Skullgirls, has put together a new video showcasing one of the newer characters, Ms. Fortune. He goes over all of the technical aspects of her, and even gives some sample combos that use her unique limb throwing abilities.

Simply put, Ms. Fortune is a treat to watch, so long as you have a strong stomach. I mean, she actually throws her head at the opponent, and it can act on its own. Her limbs also stretch out to give her a good amount of reach, and revealing muscle tissue.  It’s a bit gruesome, but at the same time, insanely cool to watch in motion.

Check out the walkthrough after the jump. Oh, and sorry about the horrible pun. I guess I just got a bit a-head of myself.




[via Gametrailers]

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hmmmm, this may be because I'm completely ignorant of this game, but I haven't seen anything quite like that in a fighter before. I'm not a big fan of fighters so it's definitely possible that another game has done it and I just don't know about it, but still, this is pretty cool.

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