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It seems that Capcom is finally learning to listen to the fans for once, instead of the sound of cash flowing in. That or maybe they’re just finally realizing that maybe NetherRealm Studios and Arc System Works actually have the right idea?

Whichever reason you choose to believe, things seem to finally be moving in a decent direction for Capcom’s games. Yoshinori Ono earlier today announced during EVO that there will, in fact, be a balance patch for Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition. The best part? It’ll actually be free! No stupid expansion to plop 20 bucks on, as per Capcom’s usual behavior. Seth Killian also confirmed the deal on his twitter, stating that the patch will be available for download by fall or winter of this year.

Hopefully we can see less of the Twins after this, and a bit more viability of other characters in the roster. I’m probably not the only one in saying that I’m sick of seeing either of them after the past couple months. Depending on how it works out, it might even be worth paying for Arcade Edition itself.

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