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Yeah, I know, two preorder stories in a row, and from Atlus again no less. Don’t worry, this one’s definitely a goodie, trust me.

This time, the preorder offer is for the upcoming console release for King of Fighters XIII. Reserving your copy at participating retailers will net a four disc soundtrack compilation. That’s four times as many discs as the Persona 2: Innocent Sin preorder offer! The KoF soundtrack contains music from the entire 15+ year history of the franchise, something every fan is sure to enjoy. Along with the soundtrack is another preorder item, as confirmed by Siliconera: a downloadable character, classic Iori, complete with flames and the pants that have made fashion designers rage for years.

And since Atlus apparently didn’t want to make me talk strictly about preorder stuff this time, they revealed some info regarding the game modes the console version will have. The usual Arcade and Online modes will be present, along with a new Story mode (now with 100% more story, up from 0% in XII). Those looking for other things to do will want to hit up Mission mode or Survival, and new players will want to check out the tutorial segment, where tournament organizer Rose Bernstein will help you learn the ropes.

Along with all this new info, there are new screenshots floating about that show off the console version in action. You can also get a look at the other console exclusive character, Saiki (whom you need you unlock by fulfilling certain conditions), as well as Flames Iori. Check those out below, and you can check out more info on the new characters and the snazzy new website. KoFXIII is set to see a release in October.


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