Atlus and SNKP have been very generous in providing a steady stream of DLC for KoFXIII, and the game just got a lot crazier. Atlus today officially announced that third DLC character, Mr. Karate, will be joining the growing cast, and he plans to teach a few young whippersnappers a thing or two about how to punch of a man's mouth in.

Mr. Karate is known as Takuma's alternate persona, a disguise he donned way back in the original Fatal Fury game. Much like the differences between Iori, Kyo, and their respective DLC counterparts, Mr. Karate controls in a completely different manner, as his attacks are more brutal than his normal version. 

 Mr. Karate himself is set to be released Januray 10 for the price of $5 on PS3, or 400 MS points on Xbox 360. To get fans excited, Atlus once again published a combo video showing just what the martial arts master can unleash. Takuma is already a wildcard character with the shenanigans he can pull off, so expect even crazier things when he's not holding anything back. Check out the true power of Kyokugenryu after the jump.




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