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A new batch of screenshots has popped up showing off the console version of KoF XIII. If you’ve played the arcade version, then you already know how good the game looks in motion. The main draw of these is to show off the recently revealed console exclusive character, Billy Kane.

So far, Billy Kane is looking great, and the game engine takes full advantage of his fire-based staff attacks, giving them a great visual flair. The London born brawler is seen sporting his classic Fatal Fury outfit for his default scheme, and you can be certain that he’ll have the same amount of alternate colorings as the rest of the cast. The question that remains, however, is will he be a lone entrant, or will he have two teammates backing him up? Crossing my fingers for Rock Howard to make his official KoF debut (I refuse to acknowledge the Maximum Impact games).

KoFXIII is set to be released on Oct. 27 in Japan, while the NA release will be this coming holiday season. In the meantime, check out the Billy Kane screenshots below.






[via Andriasang]

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This my... BOOMSTICK!

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