For those who have been following KoFXIII related happenings, Iori with the Power of Flames is now available for download over PSN and XBL. Along with this, Atlus also officially announced on their website another DLC character that will be available later on this month, that being NESTS style Kyo Kusanagi.

NESTS Kyo is essentially the version of the character from the NESTS saga, where he primarily used rekka style moves as specials, and lacked a fireball. Much like Flame Iori and Claw Iori, NESTS Kyo and the regular Kyo both play very differently from each other, so those who prefered the older version over his current incarnation should feel right at home. Though I do wish they could have made the two versions a bit more different from each other appearance wise. Then again, there are not many ways you can alter a leather jacket and jeans.

NESTS Kyo is set to be released on the 20th of this month, just a few scant days from Christmas. If you want to get a preview of how he'll operate, just check out the video Atlus put out after the jump.




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I've never given the KOF series a fair shake. Just so many other games on the "must purchase" list that I don't get around to picking any of them up. If nothing else, I love seeing such smooth sprite work - 2D sprites are a dying art nowadays.

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