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After a couple patches fixing the game on the technical side, looks like IW and Sledgehammer are finally going to be adding in additional content to Modern Warfare 3. An email sent out to Elite Premium members as well as a tweet from the game’s lead developer, Robert Bowling, confirm the map pack for January 24th on Xbox 360 as well as give us a sneak peak at a map called Park.

Their intentions are higher than previous patches and the upcoming DLC intends to add “more than they’ve ever done before”. With the addition of new maps, I’m almost certain for new spec-ops missions as well and perhaps for the first time ever, new guns for the multiplayer. What they mean by “more” is rather vague, but anything else added on top of new maps is just extra icing for most shooter fans. The map pack will be free to Elite premium members, as promised. Nonmembers will still have to pay a fee. However, The contents of the map pack, with more than just maps, might make it worth more bang for your buck than previous DLC they’ve released.

On top of the announcement, next week launches the Compete Channel for Elite’s premium members, where players will have the opportunity to compete for actual prizes. Maybe I can finally win that boat I’ve always wanted! A hoodie works too though. Anyways, more details will be unveiled as we near the launch of the map pack.

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