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We knew this day was coming.  Redemption Day...Felicia Day, that is.  Dragon Age: Redemption, the 6-part web series featuring gaming's favorite darling, will launch on October 11th, alongside Dragon Age II's second DLC pack, Mark of the Assassin.  Of note is the fact that the series will run exclusively on the Youtube Channel.

While I definitely like Ms. Day, particularly in some of her lesser known roles,   I must say I don't think she's the right fit for voice work, especially in a game where so much of the cast have rich, deep voices.  Felicia's distinctive cadence lends itself less to a highly trained assassin and more to a nervous mouse.  Now, if they were doing an all-animal web series remake of Cinderella, she would definitely be my first pick for Suzy.

[via Joystiq]

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haha, one thing I honestly like about this site is that your articles aren't long and drawn out pointless jabber that no one cares about. It's quick, to the point, and is unadulterated opinion.

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Got to agree with you she is more of the timid mouse voice type.

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Good allusion dude, I totally got that reference because I totally love Cinderella (sarcasm). Yea, I haven't actually heard her voice but I might check it out later. Hopefully she doesn't sound like a "nervous mouse" because that just sounds annoying.

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