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Here's a quick one to let our Minecraft players know that Jeb has released Patch 1.9 Prerelease 3.  Grab the JAR if you need it, and play around with the new enchantment system.  It seems that the experience we've gathered up in those cute little glowing orbs will be used to enchant items.  Somehow.  Still unclear on how experience killing monsters translates into magicking my gear and weapons.  But there is an Enchantment Table in this patch, so at least you can make yourself one and try it out.  

In addition, this version of 1.9 adds in a basic potion system.  They've said that there will be hundreds of combinations, but for now it will be just basic stuff as far as I can tell.  Perhaps I'll jump in the game and test these things out for myself.  You know, for science.

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I think I'm suffering from Prerelease fatigue.  The first time they did it I thought, hey that's pretty cool of them. Now it keeps coming...

It's okay not to release something every week.

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Hey wait! I know that patch of farm. :)

[Mandifesto] @ 11:20:12 AM Oct 6, 2011
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I need to add more light.  The monsters keep stomping my wheat.

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wow... I may need to get back into this game

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My friend plays Minecraft and every time he talks about it, he mentions that there needs to be potions. Now that they have added potions, he won't bug me about it. He will probably start talking about the enchantment table.

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