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Alright Dragon Age 2 players,  I know we've been waiting for a while, but the day has come.  No, not the day that Bioware decides to give us the other half of the game we were waiting for, but rather the day that the first DLC pack arrives.  Dubbed Legacy, this DLC boasts content that is outside of Kirkwall and pits you against new Darkspawn.  How are we getting new Darkspawn after the Blight was defeated all that time ago?  Your guess is as good as mine, but hopefully that is one question we will get an answer to when Legacy arrives July 26th.

Here are some of the features of Legacy.  Notice that you will be playing as Hawke, something many were concerned about after the tack Bioware took with Origins:

  • Uncover the harsh truth about the Hawke lineage
  • Adventure through several new locations including a prison constructed by the Grey Wardens
  • Obtain a powerful class-specific weapon to which you can apply upgrades of your choice

Dragon Age Legacy will be available for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 for $9.99.

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I do pray BioWare spends more than 5 minutes and 5 bucks on the QA control before releasing this sucker into the wild. 

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Smart-ass Hawke FTW

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I wish they'd stay out of the uncanny valley with some of their characters, but over all I can't complain. Let's hope this DLC is quality.

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