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Sony Online Entertainment announced that they are working on a sequel to the popular MMOFPS game Planetside. Known for its massive battles and vast continents to duke it out on, Planetside 2 will be bringing in some modern conveniences to create a brand new experience.

Using gamer feedback, as well as being built on the new Forgelight engine, Planetside 2 will be bringing a slew of features to make the game a deeper experience. The game will be sporting a new territorial-control system, which requires players of any of the three nations to be able to hold their ground in order to benefit from resources, bonuses, and even the terrain advantage. Every inch of a given continent is open for conflict, so planning and teamwork are crucial to be able to succeed. Both SOE and the players will also have a direct effect on content, which is meant to help ease new players into the game, while allowing war vets to help create new content for each other.

Along with the free-form class system, players will be able to customize their military groups as they see fit, creating a unique identity for themselves. Players will also have access to numerous different weapons and vehicles, each with their own customization options.

While there’s no release date set as of this time, SOE did give a trailer and some screenshots for players to oogle at. You can check the trailer out below, which gives a pretty good idea of what the scale of battles will look like, and the screenshots are all available on the Planetside 2 page.


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I liked the first Planetside in concept, but not so much in execution. Lets see if the second one can live up to everything an MMOFPS emplies.

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Planetside was something a few of us were excited to hear about and sad to play. I agree with Art on this. Otherwise I'll be playing Eve's version. :)

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