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It's strange to think that a game named BioShock Infinite has an ending.  Apparently the game's rather twisty format has spawned a fascinating Film Noir DLC that pushes the notion of an infinite game even further.  Burial at Sea seems to take a page out of the best Noir has to offer, setting a mysterious story against the backdrop of a Rapture like we've never seen it.  It's speculative fiction at it's finest, and deep enough (see what I did there?) to be split into two parts.  

For those of you who need something to tide you over (I'm on fire today!) until Burial at Sea launches, today Irrational Games released a little run and gun madness DLC pack called Clash in the Clouds.  With four new maps and additional trophies and leaderboards, players can pit Booker DeWitt against the toughest baddies in Columbia. 

Clash in the Clouds is out now for $5.00, but if you are interested in getting all three pieces of DLC (That's Clash and Burial at Sea Episodes I & II) then you can plunk down $19.99 now.  If you're a peace meal kind of person, you can pick up each of the Burial at Sea Episodes for $14.99 when they come out.  Of course, if you have the Season Pass then you're good to go.  Watch the trailers for both DLC campaigns after the jump.  Sam Spade eat your heart out. 


BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea



BioShock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds



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Wow, that 2-part DLC looks amazing and I love the idea.

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