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For a while now I've been wishing that I could share the awesome experience of watching the BioShock Infinite gameplay demo at E3 with you readers.  It's as if Irrational Games read my mind, since today they announced that they will be airing the entire E3 2011 gameplay demo on Spike TV during a Game Trailers TV segment.  

Ken Levine (@iglevine), creative director and president of Irrational Games said, “We couldn’t have been happier about the reactions we got at E3 this year and we’re excited to hear what BioShock fans have to say about this 14-minute taste of BioShock Infinite.”

Not only will there be 14 minutes in gameplay heaven, there will also be 15 more minutes of commentary discussing the game.  That's the part I'm interested in, because I loved every second of what I saw of the BioShock Infinite demo, and I can't wait to hear more details about the game.  To celebrate this great news, I have a special treat for you: Here's a two minute taste of what we saw at E3.  If this doesn't make you want to move to Columbia and change your name to Booker DeWitt, I don't know what will.




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