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With E3 having come and gone there’s just one more thing left to sort through: which games got the most people as giddy as a schoolgirl at a Justin Beiber concert?

Well, if the GameCritic listings are any indication, Bioshock: Infinite and Uncharted 3 are looking pretty strong in that department. Both titles currently hold four nominations, and are directly competing against each other in the Best of Show category. Other games that had a strong showing include Batman: Arkham City, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, each having three nominations.

Other interesting information regarding the listing comes from the publisher standpoint. Electronic Arts and Sony are both tied with a total of 14 different game nominations, while Microsoft is in third with eleven. Nintendo surprisingly falls behind the pack with six nominations, despite having arguably the best conference presentation. For platform breakdowns, the Xbox 360 actually tops everyone, with a surprising 55 nominations, while the PS3 has 48, and PC has 42. Again, Nintendo falls behind, with the 3DS having only three nominations, Wii having two, and the WiiU having only one in the Best Hardware category (though that could be attributed to the fact that there really aren't any actual games to show off yet for the new console).

All of the winners will be announced on June 28. In the meantime, which game or games do you think stole the show? Which games for their specific category do you think deserve the most recognition?

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Sounds like GameCritic either was incredibly RPG biased or they didn't get a chance to see other titles, like Modern Warfare 3.  That demo blew minds and eardrums.  I would definitely rank it over TOR.  

/me ducks as the MMO fans start lobbing scimitars.

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