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The Los Angeles Theater is packed to the gills.  At this point in the day the crowd is tired, hungry and deaf after the concussive sound at the EA conference.  Let’s hope that we leave here with our eardrums at least partially intact.

CEO Yves Guillemot takes the stage to talk about the 25 years that Ubisoft that has been running. It seems like a lot of gaming elements, companies, franchises etc., are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year.  1986 was a big year for the industry.

Rayman’s creator takes the stage to talk about Rayman Origins.  The gameplay demo features two person arcade coop action, with each character having different talents that help them through the levels.  You know a game is good when it includes sufflet jumping paes and singing underground fireflies.

Four player coop will be available on the floor

97% of young people game, 40% women


Driver: San Francisco announced.  This marks a return after ten years of the franchise, and features tracks throughout the city and environs of SF. 

Sports groundbreaking multiplayer – whatever that means.

Jason Brody is the main character for the next game: Not sure what it is, but they sure like them their profanity.  Looks like an MSG style hardcore adventure FPS title, full of gritty realism and gory attacks.  Is this Far Cry?  Yes it is, Far Cry 3 coming 2012.  Nice!

Gearbox president Ranch Pitchford takes the stage.  Now an entirely new take on WW2 games.  Brothers in Arms: Furious 4: Nazi hunting at its finest.  Coming in 2012.

Ubi and Paramount pictures team up for TinTin game.  Looks like they are focusing on 3D family gaming. I like the visual style, and it’s nice that you get to play as multiple characters.  I’m just not sure if I can get excited about yet another movie tie in game.

Ghost Recon Future Soldier: Awesome that we get to see some live gameplay.  THe AI for the villagers is pretty strong since they respond realistically to the player.  Four person coop looks stupid cool.  Communication between team members is specific and relevant.  Syncronized kills, most advanced cover system out there and advanced customization of weapons with gunsmith.

Ghost Recon Online announced.  F2P title that compliments future soldier. Achievements from one game will carry over to the other.

Maniaplanet: A new online adventure for Track Mania 2

Raving Rabbids: Alive and Kicking announced, Kinect title.  Can now have up to four players simultaneously.

Comes out Nov 8th.


Just Dance 3 announced:  Cross platform dancing. 

Coming out Oct 11 2011

Rocksmith will let anyone learn to play the guitar.

Out Fall 2011.

Will be touring the country this summer so people can try it.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012

Will allow you to connect with your friends.

And now finally Assassin’s Creed Revelations.  They’ve saved the best for last, naturally.

The trailer is beautiful.  Now some live gameplay.  Ezio has returned back to Constantinople.  Conversation is fluid, combat now includes bombs, as well as smokescreens that Ezio can see in using his hyper senses. He has a gun in his wrist gauntlet, which is pretty awesome.  Now he’s lighting ships on fire with a flame gun, which makes his escape a little treacherous.  The only way out is through, however, and so he makes his way across the burning ships.  All so he can get his ship sailing.  I can’t wait to play that game this week.

Comes out November 2011.





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