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I love sushi.  My favorite new hangout, when I have the money, is Sushilicious in Irvine, where I can sit and watch that conveyor belt bring me little plates heaped with awesome until my gullet brims with raw fish.  Imagine my delight to know that this weekend, Gogo Sushi, will be free on the iOS app store



Gogo Sushi puts you in the roll of the sushi chef, and challenges you to make everyone's order quickly and to perfection.  There are 365 days of different sushi customers, so there's a lot of content in this little game, espcially when you can get it for free. Evidently dual wielding styluses is the trick to ultimate supremacy, particularly if you have a couple extra sausage links hanging around.  Pick up your free copy of this game for iOS from July 1st through July 5th. 


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