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Namco is getting a bit more open now with their character reveals this time, and we’re finally starting to see some familiar faces coming into Soul Calibur V in their latest trailer.

The video primarily shows off some bits and pieces of the gameplay, but if you look carefully, you’ll catch glimpses of Tira, Hilde, Maxi, and Voldo, all 17 years older, and with some new designs. Hilde is actually a surprising sight, especially considering her controversial strength in SCIV that caused her to ultimately be banned in competitive play. Hopefully she’ll be brought down to less frustrating levels. I only have one question, though: Where the damn-hell-crap is Yoshimitsu!?

Anyway, check out the trailer after the break for all the juicy bits.



[via 1Up]

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Can't have a new Soul Calibur w/o Voldo that's for sure >.>

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