Two new playable characters have been revealed for Soul Calibur V, due out later this month. This time, we're getting Algol, the man that created the conflicting swords Soul Calibur and Soul Edge, as well as a very familiar face for Souls fans, Edge Master.

Algol served as the previous game's primary antagonist, and, as stated before, was the man who created the two swords back in ancient times. This time, he'll lose his boss character status, but that also means he'll be balanced to be more in line with the rest of the cast. Edge Master, meanwhile, was originally Kilik's teacher in the storyline, as well as the designated mimicry character back in the original Soul Calibur, a role that would be picked up by characters like Charade and Olcadan in later games. Both characters are looking great, and fans of either of them (or even both) should be excited for their return.

There's a healthy number of screenshots portraying the two, which you can check out after the jump. The eternal tale of souls and swords is set to continue January 31.


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Did Algol finally get so powerful, he vaporized all the clothing off his back ._.?

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