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I’m usually not one to rave about custom modifications made to games, unless they involve Star Wars, but you can’t shun the fact that mods of all sizes have existed for a long time. DotA was a major Warcraft 3 mod that introduced something totally different, the now ever-so popular MOBA genre of gaming. Now we have Star Hack, a mod born out of a Starcraft II custom game that introduces a Diablo style of gameplay, yet utilizes items found in Starcraft. I’m not big on the whole RTS scene as others may be, so being able to convert Starcraft II into futuristic Diablo is simply fantastic.

Complete with the standards of character creations, class skill points, and even Diablo’s randomly-generated dungeons, the game is shaping into something quite nice. Surprisingly, the mod also offers 8-player cooperative multiplayer. The mod is still in its BETA phase but nonetheless, it already looks fun. With Diablo III still waiting its launch, you’ll enjoy your time in Star Hack. After all, I got to level up a Marine and make it stronger than any infantry class soldier I’ve ever used in real Starcraft.

As long as you own a copy of Starcraft II, accessing Star Hack will be a breeze. If you need assistance, here’s the “official” website.

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