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Tomorrow all eyes will be on the Anaheim Convention Center, as Blizzard Entertainment celebrates their games and the people who play them.  This year promises to be the biggest event ever, with five games in the spotlight, and possibly even more.  We've been talking about BlizzCon 2014 here at Game Geex, and wanted to share our impressions of the rumors, the news, the hints and the wonders that will be this weekend's convention.  Hit the jump to see what the Geex have on their minds regarding BlizzCon, and then share your speculation in the comments below.

Ken Serra

I'm not sure what to expect out of BlizzCon. I've never been. Personally, I'm expecting Orcs as far as the eyes could see. I mean come on, if I'm going to be looking at a 20-hour long line, best be filled with Night Elves and Worgen, no? Maybe even a battle-to-the-death war axe challenge panel but hey, I could just be a violent person.

But seriously, I'm relatively excited to see what's new in StarCraft especially Legacy of the Void (Mmmm... Void...). I want to see the new units and changes to the multiplayer. I suppose I'm equally excited to see the eSports side of Heroes of the Storm. I've seen a taste at Team Curse but really, you don't simply just see eSports till you see two big-named organizations battle it out for popularity-supremacy.

Oh, and a special mention to the World of Warcraft movie. If I don't see anything on that, I'm going to pop a gasket. Oh, and that doesn't just include mine. Oh geez, maybe I am violent...

Arthur E. Orneck

Unfortunately, fate has conspired against me and this will the first BlizzCon that I am not attending in person. I will, however, be attending in spirit, glued to the live stream that the Virtual Ticket provides, which means less standing in lines and more sitting on a comfy couch surrounded by cheap snacks. Also, this means that pants are entirely optional, a perk that BlizzCon security frowns upon when you are actually on location.

In terms of what I am looking forward to seeing (and more accurately, what I am hoping will be shown) I have high hopes for news on each of the major franchises. This will go a long way towards healing my crushed heart after the cancellation of Project Titan a few months back. The name of the Hearthstone expansion is pretty much a definite news item at this point, as is some peek into their progress on StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void. I'm also fairly sure that we may get a couple new Heroes revealed for Heroes of the Storm. Less likely but still on my wishlist is a finding out about whats coming after Warlords of Draenor, perhaps a reveal of "Warcraft HD" bringing the original RTS into the modern age, and somewhere in the back of my heart there is still a lingering wish for a completely new franchise all together. Also: a new Blackthorne for modern consoles? I could only dream.

Matt Palovik

What I am looking forward to at BlizzCon this year is to see all the new announcements. I have always loved watching the opening ceremony and Blizzard revealing everything in a blaze of amazing cinematic glory. Every year, BlizzCon is when all my theories come true (or get crushed) but we don’t talk about moping around here. This year, two trademarks going into BlizzCon have caught my attention: “Eye of Azshara” and “Overwatch.”

Some speculation is that "Eye of Azshara" will be another Hearthstone expansion. While I can see this happening, I hope "Eye of Azshara" actually refers to the next World of Warcraft expansion; some of the lore we have leads into it. We’d be hard-pressed to even see it’s presence at the event though since Blizzard announcing another expansion before the previous one come out will be mind-blowing. People have said "Overwatch" could be the next Diablo III expansion. There’s a good chance we’ll be seeing it come in as the next addition to Hearthstone.

I am also really excited to see stuff on the World of Warcraft movie. They have talked about this movie for years and now they have stuff to show on it. There’s much more stuff I look forward to seeing but we’ll have to wait for the event itself before we find out more Blizzard goodness.

Amanda Orneck

I'm expecting three big things to come out of BlizzCon 2014.  The first of which is a sixth game announcement, that is large enough to explain the gaps in the convention schedule, the secrecy about merch purchases at the BlizzCon store (normally people can buy their shirts online and wear them to the convention, but not this year), and the blank spaces on the convention floor map.  With Titan gone there is still a new IP floating out there, and my gut says that Blizzard has repurposed all those seven years of hard work into something smaller and infinitely more cool.

Secondly, I expect that we will hear that the new Hearthstone expansion will be Overwatch, a Goblin-themed set of cards. Whether this is the 100-card expansion we know is coming or a second Solo Adventure remains to be seen, but several media outlets have received mechanical-themed postcards, the next deck back is Goblin-themed, and then there is the name Overwatch.  For those of you who don't remember, there is a Goblin merchant who wanders around Hillsbrad with a mechanical bodyguard named Overwatch Mark I.  If that's not enough evidence for you, I don't know what is.

Lastly, I am hoping that Blizzard takes this time to announce the next World of Warcraft expansion.  Like Matt mentioned, Eye of Azshara would make a great transition back from Draenor and into the real timeline, as Azshara remains one of the last iconic bosses from Warcraft lore we have yet to face in WoW.  Considering she is directly tied to (read dating) Sargeras, an expansion that features a fixed version of undersea mechanics and the Queen of All Beauty would be an excellent tie in to hunting down the man himself.


And what about you?

All-in-all, BlizzCon 2014 promises to have some of the biggest questions we've had about this mostly-annual Blizzard convention.  What are you most looking forward to seeing this weekend?  Let us know in the comments below.


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