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See here, the original headline for this article was going to be "Starcraft 2: Legacy of the Void hands-on impressions" or something similar, perhaps less wordy. That headline became something difficult to make reality because two kids (reads: teenagers) crushed my dreams in the new one race, 2v2 Archon mode match which prompted my immediate defeat, leaving me with an impression worth a couple seconds of actual gameplay. This A-tier Brood War player was no match for a duo of teens and their mass army of zerglings. Defeat. 6 Minutes. GGWP. But you know what? I think that's cool.

Now, I'm actually glad I got crushed--crushed--by gamers far younger than I, especially as someone whose been in the eSports scene for awhile. For one thing, they were quite nice and seemed more delighted to be at BlizzCon than I ever could be--truly, that brings tears of joys to my eyes. Second, there's always going to be a future generation of top-tier gamers, and well, perhaps I was beaten by the 2021 SC2 World Champion.

Chaobo and his conquerer, Nailbird

But really, what's causing me to write this article is the fact that BlizzCon caters to attendees from all walks of like; a lot of them to my surprise were youngins who actually wanted to be there more so than parents not being able to find babysitters. I got my fair share of gameplay when I walked the convention in my own time, and a great majority of my defeats on the show floor came from the hands of people half my size (I myself not being very large). From Hearthstone to Starcraft to Heroes of the Storm, apparently my bane are gamers within the ages of 10 and 15. Or maybe I'm just old.

Still if you wanted to know more about this Archon Mode, what are my impressions you ask? You start with more builders--12 SCVs on terran--which makes for less down time in the early game. My partner and I were able to control all aspects of the gameplay; I can build barracks, he can build from them, I can control the units: people with control issues may want to skip Archon mode altogether... Just sayin'.

Overall, it makes for a great 2-player experience, especially with friends. Having an extra set of hands (and an additional brain) helps leviate some of the pressures of Starcraft macro mechanics. It takes two joes to make a pro apparently. Oh, and zerglings are OP (direct impression, don't judge me...).

BlizzCon was exciting to me. It brings me back to when I was an enthusiastic 11-year old competitor, mopping the floor with the faces of gamers older than I was. Perhaps it's time it came back and bit me in the arse. So yea, what did I do at BlizzCon? Got owned by 12-year-olds. How bout' you?





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