For those who have lost many nights of sleep playing The Binding of Issac, you're about to lose several more. Ed McMillen recently confirmed that the game will be getting an expansion, set to be titled The Wrath of the Lamb

The expansion is planned to be sold for a grand total of $3, however, there's no release date set yet, with McMillen instead giving a "when it's done," response. What the expansion will have, however, is a ton of new content, including introducing "trinkets" that you carry around for passive effects, new enemies, boss fights, and more. As for distribution methods, chances are it'll be staying digital.

Among the planned platforms, including PC Mac and Linux, which the original game is available on, the creator is also looking onto getting the game published on other platforms as well, with the expansion included. Most notably, he's been working out a deal with Nintendo to get a possible 3DS release, however, he feels the higher-ups may have issues with the "religious aspect" that the game not-so-subtlety pokes fun at.

Of course, other things of concern with Nintendo might be the presence of exploding mutant babies, poop, references to child abuse, and some other things, but chances are people are more likely to rant about the religion part. I'm actually surprised that FOX News hasn't already picked up on the title's appearance, considering you can make deals with the devil himself in it.

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I can't wait, I've sunk a solid 9 hours into Isaac so far, Beaten it twice, It's horribly addictive and is actually more fun than the classic Zelda dungeons that it's based on.

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