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Those of you who intend to opt for the 3G version of the Playstation Vita now get a chance to see what the extra cost for online gaming on-the-go will be. AT&T has revealed they will offer two data plans; one that starts at $14.99/month for 250MB and one for $25/month for 2GB of data. Both of these data plans do not require a contract, meaning if you’re still unsure which model of the vita to get, you can get the 3G version just incase.

Gaming on the go will costs you extra, from the monthly fees to the extra $50 cost of the 3G Vita model. However, to help compensate for the added cost, adding a data plan to the Vita will grant you one free game from the Sony online store from a selected list. You will also get access to all of AT&T’s wifi hotspots across the country, which could reduce usage from your actual data supply depending on where you are

I find those prices to be rather reasonable, especially the 2GB plan. I guess it could be cheaper being a handheld gaming device and all. I just hope mobile gaming doesn’t take as much data as console gaming, as games like Call of Duty use about 100MB in 1.5 hours of gaming.

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