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While we slept over here in the US, Tokyo was ablaze with TGS, and more specifically Sony's press conference.  Joystiq is reporting that the PS Vita has got itself a Japanese street date -- December 7th for all you who get your tech direct from the source.  Naturally this got me thinking -- who named this darn thing?  

Of all the names to give an handheld, Vita? Really?  It sounds more like a hatchback sedan, or possibly one of those late nite diet pills that they get D List celebrities (not the good one) to hawk at 2 AM.  

 Yes yes, I know we'll all buy it, silly name and all. So here's today's question:  What would you have named the Vita? 

[Image via G4TV]

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Just off the top of my head:

PSP Touch

PlayStation Xcursion

PSP Advanced

[Sir Loin of Beef] @ 9:29:35 AM Sep 14, 2011
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PSP Flabbajammadingdonghokeypokey Plus

I don't know, I'm bad with names.

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Dear lord, man! Think of the poor marketing team! And the bloggers, for that matter!

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I would have named it the PS Last-Mobile-Gaming-Device-Before-Phones-Make-Them-Obsolete.

So the PS LMGDBPMTO. I feel it's an improvement.

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PocketStation ?

^Dunno about that. I think real mobile gaming devices will turn into phones before phones turn into hardcore gaming devices xD... AT least that's my hope >.>; I'd rather have a gaming device that makes calls rather than a phone that plays super pacman 3D.

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