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Not entirely sure I understand the approach of the Sony Playstation Vita ad found in this French magazine considering the market the Vita is targeting. Ok well, after saying that, I guess I just realized what they were going for but still... Four!?

The French caption in the ad translates to "Two touch screens. Twice the sensations." I'll admit, it's very clever if you think about the Vita as a whole, but quite a bit inappropriate if you ask me. I guess if you're into that kind of stuff much like the quality of "work" seen in Total Recall, then I won't judge. But if the ad was designed to sell more Vitas then ummmm... ermmmm,  they could've outlined the strong line-up of games headed its way like Assassin's Creed III: Liberation or Ragnarok Odyssey.

Considering the fact that i'm actually talking about the ad right now, perhaps the stunt worked. *mind blown*

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This is going to put the tri-boobed prostitute from Total Recall right out of business... 

[fraggadier] @ 12:37:49 AM Nov 2, 2012
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Breasts on both sides? thats unatractive.

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