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Square Enix has announced an HD remake of Final Fantasy X at the Tokyo Game Show. Out of all the remakes that have happened this year, this has to be the most uber awesome announcement I’ve heard so far.

It has been a long 10 years (for the Japanese) since the old RPG rocked out our PS2s. And now, Final Fantasy X will be blessing not only the PlayStation 3, but Sony’s new portable gaming device, the PlayStation Vita.

I can imagine that a lot of fans will be simply ecstatic over the news, as Final Fantasy X is considered one of the top guns of the series. However, I can’t help but moan and grizzle and I know a lot of you out there feel exactly the same way as I do: Where the heck is my Final Fantasy VII remake?

But here are some questions: Will the new Final Fantasy X be a carbon copy of its former self, or a full remake? Is the battle system going to change? Are they going to redo the musical score? Is Tidus still going to be a whiney little girl?

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