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The new Sony tag line is "Play it first, play it better." Well I'm not sure if they are better, but they definitely were more.  They took two hours for their press conference, and managed to pack it with dozens of game announcements.  For the most part, I can break Sony's E3 game announcements into two categories: The Bloody and the Beautiful.


The Bloody

First up on the cringe-worthy side of the spectrum,  The Order: 1886 featured some pretty gory zombie-werewolf (zombwolf?) action and looking really like a Resident Evil clone more than anything else. This is a far cry from what we've seen of the game before, so I'm more than a little confused about the game's direction. A new game from Hideo Miyazaki coming in 2015 called Bloodborne looks to be really dark, gruesome and not at all happy. As expected the Dead Island 2 trailer was hilarious and gross at the same time. 

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain trailer was a lot more bloody that I expected, with blood literally cascading down Big Boss's face at one point. Mortal Kombat X gameplay footage was just as brutal as you would expect, but now there's a bee woman, so there's that. Let it Die looked like a Left 4 Dead style game featuring some of the gnarliest weapons imaginable. And the award for the most random news goes to the announcement that The Last of Us monsters will be featured in a special dungeon in Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition. 

The Beautiful

On the prettier side of things, the Destiny trailer was quite impressive, and PS4 players will get into the beta first starting July 17th.  This weekend PS4 owners can play the Destiny Alpha by visiting They announced that a White PS4 Bundle will come with Destiny and be available at game launch on 9/9/14.

Entwined was a gorgeous origami-inspired 3D puzzler, looking like something from thatgamecompany, but is actually from an entirely new team.  The game is out today for $9.99 on PlayStation 4. Abzu is a undersea exploration game from Giant Squid, a studio formed by two of the creators of Journey.  Breathtaking procedurally generated intergallactic exploration came in the form of No Man's Sky, a game I've been waiting all year to hear more about. 

I'm surprised to say I have to put Far Cry 4 on this side of things. The footage they showed focused on Tibetan mountain climbing through some gorgeous terrain with an interesting take on co-op drop in play.  You can ask your PSN friends to join you even if they don't own the game.  Extra points for a bird carrying off a goat at the beginning of the trailer. 

Little Big Planet 3 gameplay came next, showing off four new characters: The first is called Odd Sock, a speedy little guy, then there's Toggle who changes sizes, and finally Swoop, who can actually fly and carry the other characters.  These new characters introduce a deeper level of four person co-op since each of them can help solve the puzzles using their particular abilities.  I saw at least a little bit of inspiration from Quantum Conundrum here - I wonder how Kim Swift feels about that. It's awesome to know you can just play all the player created levels from the previous two entries in the franchise once LB3 launches.

I'm interested to learn more about a Myst like puzzler called The Talos Principle.  It reminds me of The Witness, and that's strange because said game is not even out yet. Batman Arkham Knight gameplay footage, fluid, beautiful. Scarcrow knightmare missions will be exclusive to PS4.

The Uncharted 4: A Thief's End teaser trailer was actually created with shared footage from a PS4 and we were able to see an impressive amount of weathering on Nathan Drake's face.  The game will be out 2015. 


In addition to these major two themes, Sony filled us with information about smaller titles (two words: Grim Fandango), as well as a ton of hardware news.  We finally have information about PlayStation Now and its integration with not only PS4 and Vita, but also surprisingly select PlayStation televisions.  In the days to come we'll digest it and serve it up to you on a geex-ified platter.  For now I need to go let my brain rest.  


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I was actually really happy when Little Big Planet 3 was announced. Also, I was laughing through the entire gameplay trailer for Michael Bay's Far Cry 4.

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