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It's not an Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) without Ubisoft and their sporadic conferences that range anywhere from rhythm to death. Presenting the conference and all our favorite Ubi-games is returning host, Aisha Tyler, who I actually enjoy but it wouldn't have been the end of the world if they went off and got another drunk comedian. But hey, she loves video games so you have to appreciate that.

The show kicked off with some good ole' fashion Far Cry, complete with a crazy axe murderer bent on killing the main character. The presentation was the first 5-minutes of Far Cry 4 and by the looks of things, it should appeal to fans of the series since it was, with lack of a better word, crazy; borderline intense.

To temporarily cool off from all blood-gushing, we were treated to a brief demo of Just Dance 2015 as well as an anywhere mobile version of the game, Just Dance Now where a cast of dancers clearly better than I shook their bodies to Lady Gaga's Applause. The journalists did not join in. Neither did I. Shush.

When you thought the games that required actual motion were over, we were introduced to Fitness! Shape Up, a game that involved, for the demo, a DDR-style exercise game and a push-up contest. The game was rather amusing in every aspect and while it won't appeal to everyone, it is true that we need to get off our buns every now and then.

Alright, now that I got the motion games out of the way, Ubisoft did host a good chunk of action titles such as the 4-player cooperative game, Assassin's Creed Unity, which is set during the start of the French Revolution. Yes, I mentioned 4-play co-op and yes, there's a ton of stabbing. And blood.

Tom Clancy's The Division made a positive showing, giving us a glimpse of more co-op gameplay (co-op seems to be a fad now). And to add to the co-op was the racing game, The Crew, which will pit crews (teams) against each other on races. While multiplayer has had team vs team for the longest time, it seems Ubisoft has emphasized it by bringing to the tabel actual cooperation mechanics to their games.

We got to taste another upcoming game from the UbiArt catalogue that goes by the name of Valiant Hearts: The Great War. I actually began to tear up during this trailer because the game's message was powerful. It's a story about real letters written back home during The World War I era, and frankly, it looks really sad.

To help cheer me up, Ubisoft ended the conference with a bang and revealed pre-alpha footage to Rainbow Six: Siege, a series return I have long awaited for. When I saw the gameplay footage, I was on the border on whether or not it was Battlefield: Hardline. The cops vs robbers things seems to be popular these days but Rainbow Six brought to the table a very tactical and coordination-intensive style gameplay that leans closer to simulator that it does video game. The Alpha footage we were shown was 5v5 save the hostage and no respawns. It harks back to my days playing Search & Destroy in Call of Duty except better.

Ubisoft had an excellent showing. There was actual gameplay footage and a new IP was announced. What more could you ask for? And don't say Watch_Dogs 2. Too soon...



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