After 6 long years, the next installment in The Rainbow Six franchise has officially been announced. Rainbow Six: Siege made its debut at the show to roaring applause. We're not talking a teaser either. We're talking full-on alpha footage gameplay. With a cops and hostage theme, Battlefield: Hardline kept going through my head. At the end of the gameplay footage, my mind was blown.

Strategy and team work is the theme of the game. We were presented with the first-person view of the blue team leader in a 5v5 objective based multiplayer mode. With four other teammates, they were tasked with taking out the orange team who had control of the location as well as the hostage whos served as the objective. No respawns.

I'm going to shut up here and let you experience the greatness for yourself. Check out the exclusive trailer below.

[Trailer via Ubisoft]

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