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Primal Carnage
Genre: First Person Shooter
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Release Date(s):
10/26/2012 ( Steam )
Developer: Lukewarm Media
Publisher: Reverb Publishing
Desc: Man vs Dinosaur. Do you really need more of an explanation than that?

Dinosaurs are over running facilities all across the land! Are you a bad enough dude to stop them? In Lukewarm Media's Primal Carnage, you the player get to actually play both ends of the stick. Chomping and stomping around as a dino, and blowing everything up as a merc. Nowhere and no one is safe in this universe people. There is a reason why dinosaurs don't exist anymore people! ehem, anyways, back to the subject...

In Primal Carnage you and nine others team up to fight the opposing force. One side are the Triassic and other, the homo-sapiens. Your mission as the mercs is to annihilate and clear the dino infestation at the human outposts set up across the land. On the dinosaur side, it's your job to obviously stop the human plague from driving your species to extinction.


On the human side you have five different unique classes to choose from; the Scientist, Commando, Pathfinder, Trapper and Pyromaniac. If constantly want to kill the smaller class dinos like the raptor, you want the trapper. The net gun demobilizes all standard class dinosaurs.  If you work together with ever class in a group, you become unstoppable. With the combination of the pathfinders flairs and shotgun, teamed next to a pyromancers flamethrower chainsaw gun, Dinosaurs can't even touch you. Realistically random players in a lobby don't work together very well, which give the dinosaur side an advantage.

The dinosaur side consists of the infamous Tyrannosaurus, Novaraptor, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon, and Carnotaurus. Each class is required to work together in defeating the human. If too many mercs are working together and killing dinos left and right, you need at least one Dilophosaurus blinding enemies with its spit, so that the other dinos can move in and kill everyone.


The map design looks like they just slapped on a few buildings on surface of the field. Some locations do seem though were meant so that the trex can't reach you, but other than that, no tactics are required in this game. Although, things like ammo and health packs are located in isolated locations of the map so you can safely heal and restock.


I absolutely love the graphics of this game. From the animation down to the scale. I love going to a dead carcass of an herbivore and eating it for health. I simply enjoying roaming around and roaring seeing the muscles flex. I can't quite describe it, but they game is very pretty, very realistic looking with not realistic looking art, but still amazing.


The game handles well but having a game with two opposing forces with different mechanics has some disadvantages. If a group of humans huddle op and cover each other's back they become unstoppable. Essentially, playing as a dinosaur is useless when the humans stick together because you're just going to keep dying and not have any fun. Other than that, I didn't run into any other flaws.

Primal Carnage is only $14.99 on steam. It's like buying good clothes at Ross. You can buy the game and still afford those hot pockets to eat while playing it. It has great graphics, the game works perfectly, and there is nothing more fun than playing as beasts. If you ever want to scare people with raptors by jumping on them and chewing their head

tl;dr - Too long; Didn't read
Primal Carnage is a great and horrific experience. There isn't any lagging or problems with the game. Each class is fun to play and it gives players a variety to chose from. Lukewarm Media is also going to release free downloadable content for this game, so its definitely worth the $15 alone.
Aesthetics: 5.0
GamePlay: 4.5
Story: 3.0
Quality: 5.0
Overall Score: 4.5
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