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Amnesia: Dark Decent is a first-person puzzle adventure game by Frictional Games, released in late 2010. It is also a huge cult hit due to it being considered ‘one of the scariest games of all time’.

When Amnesia was released, it slowly picked up momentum, mostly through word of mouth. Viral videos and incredible steam deals soon followed. After having sold over 200,000 units, a new game is now in development. Amnesia: A machine for pigs, where the player is put in the shoes of Oswald Mandus, an industrialist tycoon who awakens from months of nightmares only to face a real one. It should be mentioned that Dan Pinchbeck, (writer of the experimental first person game; Dear Esther) teams up with Frictional Games in the development of A Machine For Pigs, and explains the strange choice of title for the game. "This world is a machine fit only for pigs, fit for the slaughtering of pigs” Odd, but it gives a bit of insight to what sort of world this will be in.

 This game is supposed to be a spiritual sequel instead of a direct relative to Dark Decent, so it will still retain similar gameplay. However, to someone who has also played Penumbra, Frictional’s first title under the same genre, I think it’s time that a change of pace be encouraged. I believe frictional can create something of a different genre, but pull a horror aspect into it. It would be interesting to introduce new movement such as what Mirror’s edge did with their parkour style running. Running away from monstrosities might end up being actually scary and fun.

 Frictional Games excels at creating environments and ambience that truly put a player in the zone, and this particular aspect presents good opportunity for innovation in gameplay. Not saying that their style of puzzle adventures is bad, but after two games and two expansions, I’m truly hoping that they can produce something with a fresher flavour that still retains its amazing horrific experience. I would be happy with even a little more environmental interaction and possibly multiple ways to solve problems and puzzles.

With all this said, I cannot wait to scare myself to the point of crapping my pants playing their next title. In fact, a reaction video of my own may well be in order, as well as some fresh underwear! More info to come, stay tuned!

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