Lukewarm Media released a highlights trailer for their human versus dinosaur multiplayer shooter, Primal Carnage. The trailer introduces two of the ten classes from this team based versus game. Watching this trailer is just making me want to play even more. Still want the t-rex though.

"Cleva girl" quoted Muldoon right before he was mauled to death by a raptor; and clever was right. This carnivorous creature has the speed, power, and agility to hunt and eat its prey. The raptor isn't a very strong class, but it's a small sacrifice for its high speed and ability to assassinate targets, so you better watch out because if you're caught in an ambush, you can kiss your butt goodbye.

I know what you're thinking, why would I play as the humans when playing as the dinosaurs is obviously cooler? This Dirty Harry, gunslinging/trap carrying beast of a human has all the tools to take care of a little dino infestation. The trap gun can completely disable the raptor by completely covering it with the net; but the net only comes in one size, so shooting the net at a T-rex would only hug it's head. For some reason the trapper holds a desert eagle in one hand and a revolver in the other but hey, why not have the variety of guns, right?

Primal Carnage will be releasing for the PC some time at the end of this year.


Trailer Via Lukewarm Media

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