Primal Carnage
Genre: First Person Shooter
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Release Date(s):
10/26/2012 ( Steam )
Developer: Lukewarm Media
Publisher: Reverb Publishing
Desc: Man vs Dinosaur. Do you really need more of an explanation than that?

GameGeex Review of Primal Carnage
The most dangerous game.
tl;dr - Too long; Didn't read
Primal Carnage is a great and horrific experience. There isn't any lagging or problems with the game. Each class is fun to play and it gives players a variety to chose from. Lukewarm Media is also going to release free downloadable content for this game, so its definitely worth the $15 alone.
Aesthetics: 5.0
GamePlay: 4.5
Story: 3.0
Quality: 5.0
Overall Score: 4.5
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