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Lukewarm Media has just revealed Primal Carnage Genesis for the Playstation 4. The new and improved dino-shooter will be running on the fabulous Unreal Engine 4. Watching dinosaurs walk the earth under your control with very pretty graphics expands your imagination much more. This means more Jurassic Park references!

The first Primal Carnage was really fun, some things could have been a bit better in terms of balance, but it was a very enjoyable game. Having the same game but adding a controller in your hand and way better graphics is a huge upgrade. My eyes go straight to the detail of every Dinosaur in this game, and Lukewarm does a fantastic job on bringing these monsters to life.

Primal Carnage will be releasing for the Playstation 4 and Pc. Unfortunatly the game won't release for a while since the Playstation 4 isn't releasing until Quarter 4 of 2013. So hold on to your butts and watch this awesome new trailer.



Trailer via PlayStation

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