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Lukewarm media has released a reveal trailer for the two new hot headed classes for Primal Carnage. The first of the two beloved classes is the Pyromaniac. The pyro class in this game looks amazing because this crazed lunatic wields a freaking flame thrower chainsaw gun for pure close quarter action. So if you ever feel like grinding up and making raptor stew, this is the class to play. The fact that you can cook and saw dinosaur meat at the same time makes everything easier. Convenient, right?

The second of the two is the Carnotaurus. This carnivorous dinosaur is the reckless, ram-head-into-everything class. What's more satisfying than ramming a human and lunging them more than fifty feet in the air? Absolutely nothing. I wouldn't mind making my opponents heart pulse while speeding towards them with a Carnatour choo choo train of doom.

Primal Carnage looks like an adventuress ray of awesomeness. It's not competitive nor a game to take seriously. It's just a game everyone can enjoy and play. Which is why I am carrying a boat load of hype for this game. Primal Carnage will be releasing on Steam for the PC at the end of the year.


Trailer Via LukewarmMedia

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