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343 Industries is satisfying that Halo itch that you couldn't scratch. They are adding a completely upgraded version of the infection game mode. You actually get to play as the flood. But it's not just any flood, they are Spartan super soldier transformed into parasitic beasts. You thought zombies were bad? How about a seven foot tall undead chalked full of steroids!

 The game type consists of up to 10 players online. The match starts off by randomly selecting two spartans to change into the flood. Your goal as the flood is to turn everyone into one; and your goal as the spartan is, you guessed it, survive. I must say, I am impressed by this new announcement even though it has been done in previous Halo games.

Throughout my Halo career I was wondering when the game developers were going to upgrade the infection mode to where you actually turn into creatures rather than just another spartan color. Rendering spartan colors to show that your infected was a very vague feature in Halo Reach. I was annoyed because changing into another color and gaining an energy sword wasn't that big of a deal, hopefully I'll be able to forgive them by playing this game.

Halo 4 will be releasing November 6, 2012 exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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[Mandifesto] @ 3:02:54 AM Oct 2, 2012
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Never thought of being part of a flood as good thing.

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