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From what I’ve been hearing, Halo seems to be considered a “dying” game. A title slowly losing that spark shooter fans have carried in their hearts since the release of the iconic classic back in 2001. On March 31st, 2012, Bungie officially ended their Halo stats tracker, but left behind a piece of history that proves Halo is still one of the most loved shooter titles of all time.

The official Bungie website showcases a chart that tells us everything that happened in Halo since the days of Halo 2, released back in 2004. The battle between human and covenant wasn’t without loss; with over 500 million matchmaking games played each month and 36 billion more death totals than the population of the entire planet, you can tell that Halo left a mark in the gaming industry. Looking at the chart makes me smile because even today, I still consider all the Halo games among my favorites. It’s also the game that got me in to shooters, as well as being one of the titles that helped bring out the console boom.

Anyways, here’s the chart for you to look at: it’s stunning and holds many memories. You can also view it HERE.


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