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Polygon is reporting that the ESRB has finished their rating work on Bungie's upcoming shooter of highly-anticipatedness -- Destiny.  Although every entry in the Halo franchise was rated M, Destiny will be rated T for Teen.  

This marks at least in my mind, a decided backlash against the hugely violent games we saw at last year's E3 presentations (and even this year's Sony presentation comes to mind).  And coming from Bungie, the idea that they are creating a game aimed at the teen boys who will be buying it anyway speaks volumes.  It's almost like the video game industry is growing up and realizing that they don't have to build a huge AAA title and soak it in blood in order to sell copies.

Destiny's rating comes to it via its use of "animated blood" and "violence".  There will be no harsh language in the game, and its denizens won't be smoking, so take that Space Marboro Man.  The game will be out for September 9, 2014 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Wow, I didn't see that coming actually, you're still shooting people lol. But Destiny, to me, always had a lot more class in their presentations more so than "here's a bunch of guns now go kill alien scum."

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