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Yesterday Blizzard Entertainment released a video about two upcoming skins for Heroes of the Storm.  While these were first announced at PAX East 2014, this is the first time we get to see them in action.  While seeing Illidan as a Spectre is very cool, it's the second skin that really made me smile:  King Kandy Muradin.  For you see, this can only be a serious jab at King entertainment, makers of Candy Crush Saga.

If you're not familiar with the evil candy empire, they spent the better part of the last few years trying to squash any games that might infringe on their beloved candy swiping monopoly -- and that includes games that came out before theirs.  Normally a move like the Muradin skin would prompt an army of lawyers to swoop down upon Blizzard, but this is Blizzard after all, and even King can't take them down. Enjoy the candyness after the jump.  Two words: Chocolate form!



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I would loovvveee to follow the v Blizzard lawsuit on this one haha XD

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