No, I do not mean he created actual space pants. Sam Smith, a 12 year old home-schooled boy, spent his free time creating the endless runner app store game called Spacepants. I'm sorry I can't fulfill your anti-gravity dreams.

Spacepants is an endless runner that takes place in a single room. You must dodge all the absurdities inside this claustrophobic mess of game ranging anywhere from pulse lasers to blockers while only running around along the inside of the square. This app game is actually really amusing and it's a great waiting-in-line game, but it's also really hard. It's like the Dark Souls of ap -- NO! I'm not using that phrase.

The Guardian reports Sam's dad is also a game developer who helped him with the math and the integration into the Game Center. The rest was all up to his boy. I know there are a lot of youngins creating games right now but Spacepants is gaining some popularity because it's straight-up plain fun. Goes to show you don't need much to create success.

Spacepants is available on the iOS app store now for $1.99.


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