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Square Enix released quite the nifty Final Fantasy XIV app I'm sure a lot of players have been waiting for. Final Fantasy XIV: Libra Eorzea is a mobile source for all of your FFXIV informational needs and I mean ALL OF THEM. And get this, it's very easy to use!

I was able to test out the app and it's brilliant. It has a database on ALL the gear, quests, NPCs, items, and Dungeons for you to browse just incase you're unsure what to do or where to find something specific. It's also very intuitive and easy to navigate -- all it takes is a simple search and even if you're not sure on the name, you can easily navigate the categories they have pre-organized for you. Once you're looking at what you wanted to find -- say it's an item -- it'll tell you the level, where it drops or where you can buy, or how to craft it.

Though optional, you can even log onto your account and view your current gear, friends, linkshells, Free Companies, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot message people in-game but the app is mainly a data center.

The app is totally free for iOS and is available right now. The android version is currently in development and should be released soon a long with constant updates to keep the app fresh and relevant.

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Sounds like a fantastic app, something handy to have on you while planning or playing.


I've started to use more and more apps on my phone and tablet while playing games. It really helps to have a separate machine handling your queries or feeding you data.

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